Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thanks for the nightmare

Reading blogs trigger ideas. Not necessarily grand ideas that will be taught to future generations. Just interesting ideas that you can use on your own blog.

The other day I read a post by Eternal Lizdom that listed things she didn’t like.

While commenting I thought of a post idea. Take a list of things you don’t like and use them to describe a nightmare.

Nightmares are storyline of some great movies. 

Here’s a lists of a few of my dislikes:

  • tuna fish
  • leaf blowers
  • losing a credit card or ID card
  • missing a flight
  • not being able to stop something I’m driving

You might have trouble limiting the list since we all dislike so many things (you did see the recent election results). If you are stuck start with a sharp stick in the eye. Nobody likes those.

The great thing about creating a nightmare is the randomness it allows you. So using the above items here I go. Sorry you can’t close your eyes because you need to read along but I have mine closed.

Packing, running back and forth between rooms and closets trying to decide what I need for my big trip.

It’s hard to imagine. I have never dreamed of being invited to the White House. Mind is racing thinking about how exciting big this is as I layout my wallet, tickets and invitation letter.

Loud droning noise increasing in volume. It’s just outside my window. A goon is in our tree blowing leaves off the branches.

I lean out the window to yell, I’m falling.

The sound is gone. I’m on my feet. I can move. I join my wife packing the suitcases into the car.

We are rushing to the airport. Circling the parking lot levels looking, looking, circling. No where to park. What’s that noise? Another leaf blower cleaning off a whole closed-off section of the lot. Damn.

Security lines. Crowded concourse that continues forever. Reach the gate. Flight has departed. We need to pay the gate clerk to change our flight. I can’t find my credit card. I search through my wallet emptying the insurance, library, driver’s license, Starbucks card. No credit card.

We are hungry. But have no credit card and little cash. Enough cash for the vending machine. I turn and am standing in front of a large vending machine. Cans and cans of tuna fish. Nothing but tuna fish. My stomach turns.

I commandeer the airport handicap transport. The crowd splits in front us as I cruise down the concourse. 

Now I’m on the tarmac heading for a plane.

I scream. I smash the brake down. Blue smoke blows out from the wheels.  Jet engine roars into view.  Sounds like a supercharged leaf blower.  We don’t stop. My neck muscles tighten.

The sun light slams into my eyes. I look up. A concerned flight attendant shakes me and asks if I’m OK. Do I need anything. I look at my wife seated next to me.

“I fell asleep during the pre-flight again.”

“Yes you did.” she says disgustedly.

“Hey what did you bring to eat?”

“Tuna fish, want a bite?”


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I tried to keep my eyes closed, but it didn't work. ;)

CRAZY nightmare you came up with, but BRILLIANT! :)

lisleman said...

thanks it was fun to write

Pearl said...

:-) I needed that.

Dwmatty said...

This was a nightmare to read.

okay okay...just kidding. You have quite the imagination. Perhaps it's time to write a book.

unknownmami said...

I kept one eye closed while reading. I have a feeling some of this imagery will make its way into my dreams.

lisleman said...

too long you think? I don't think I could write a book. Maybe a short story but after about 10 or so pages I would be done. Thanks for the suggestion.

lisleman said...

You are tricky. Beware of leaf blowers in the night.

Mrs4444 said...

Brilliant. :) I am CERTAIN someone is going to have a nightmare over this one...

Marlaahansen said...

Excellent! lol

Emily said...

What a great idea, loved it!

Kori said...


Kristin_The_Goat said...

That photo stopped me reading this a few times - seriously, I tried reading this in my reader the other day and that photo confused the heck out of me. This time I covered up the photo with my hand until I read far enough down to hide the photo. I get it, the image is nonsensical - I'm just easily flustered :)

Great story though! I really liked how you wove everything together. Brilliant!

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