Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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This will be a new post for most of you because I posted it back when I didn't have many readers.  The link to the site still works and you might find the results fun.

Music and memories are locked together for many of us.

Here's an informative site about hit songs based on the calendar. So if you want to check out the music in your history or anyone's history go to

Put in a date and it will tell you what the hit song was that day.  You start with selecting a month then a day and it will list the Billboard top hits for that day over a number of years.

Now I suspect most of us (was true for me) don't really remember the songs from our first days or even first years. So you might want to try some other significant day in your history.

From this I learned of a woman singer, Teresa Brewer, who had a life of recording about 600 songs. I had never even heard of her before.

Ok so much for my old history. What about another date like the date of the first post on this blog (June 20, 2006). The hit song for that date (
Hips Don't Lie) was by another woman singer, a very sexy singer, Shakira.

(Actually, that first post was by a co-worker singer who some in the office knew as dreamweaver diva.) 

Looking back at the hit song for today (Nov. 9) back in 1969 reminded me of song I hated.  I remember some girls noticed my discomfort with the song and would turn it up when it was played on the radio.  Back then about the only way you could own a song was a physical record and those record players were not very portable.  Most of my listening was done via radio.

Oh that awful song -  Wedding Bell Blues by The 5th Dimension

- music and life they just go together, even if you don't like the tune.

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KristinaP said...

I don't think I've ever heard that WEdding Bells song. I have, sadly, heard Hips Don't Lie.

lisleman said...

It was the "Age of Aquarius" but I don't think this song was very enlightening. Not a Shakira fan? Wasn't she the superbowl half-time show once?

TechnoBabe said...

Cute little Teresa Brewer with the distinctive voice. I told you I am way older than you are!

lisleman said...

yes but as we age we get closer percentage-wise.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

I love, love, love music trivia, so I can't wait to check out this site! I'm headed there right now!

Hilary said...

What a fun site.. and post. I remember my sister playing those Wedding Bell Blues incessantly for her then boyfriend, and now husband of almost 40 years. And yes, his name is Bill.

lisleman said...

Well that's good to hear. The song worked for someone. I still hate the song, but we all have different taste. thanks.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

I have played around at that site before and it is fun to see what songs were popular!

unknownmami said...

I'm pretty good at tuning out things I don't like.

lisleman said...

except ants I hear.

Bearmancartoons said...

What would be funnier is if YOUR husband was named Bill.

joaniemack said...

The hit song on the day I was born (Sept 21, 1955) was The Yellow Rose of Texas by Mitch Miller (who remembers "Sing Along With Mitch"?)

lisleman said...

I do remember watching the bouncing ball as a kid. That song is really big in Texas but then they say everything is big in Texas. thanks

Marlaahansen said...

I have seven kids. I can tune out anything.

secret agent woman said...

Even though it's kind of a silly song, I always liked Wedding Bell Blues. It's funny to me and fun to belt out.

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