Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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I can’t blog

This is going to be short but if you want to know more about my ICB idea please click over to "an idea is born".

Conversation is two-way right?  

One way is just a lecture or broadcast.  I think comments are two-way.  I post, a reader comments.  Oh, the wonderful feedback of blogs.  

Just today I read a well written complaint about how some bloggers make it difficult to comment.  BLOGitse presents her case for using easy setups for the comment section of your blog.  You should certainly give it a read because she has taken the time to show screen shots and she even mentions yours truly lisleman (hey a shoutout deserves another shoutout).

Two reasons this is related to ICB:
  1. BLOGitse sharing of blogging advice and tips is what I hope ICB becomes.  I know there could be other approaches to do this but I don't drive the same way home everyday either.
  2. BLOGitse is the newest member the ICB team.  Want to know who's on the team?  click over to ICB team.

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OneStonedCrow said...

this comment is a bit off topic - just want to say thanks for answering my query about 'sea monkeys' ... something that's always baffled me. On the subject of comics, do you remember the Charles Atlas Ads of the 90 lb weakling on the beach getting sand kicked in his face?

lisleman said...

No problem, you might someday see a post up here on sea monkeys.
Sorry on the Charles Atlas question but I'm drawing a blank. One out of two ain't bad - right?

Bearmancartoons said...

This whole Disqus thing is a pain to comment on if you aren't logged in as it never remembers my info and I have to type it over and over as more people are using it.

lisleman said...

Don't know your setup but I use Firefox and I allowed it to remember my login so I just click the DISQUS button and pop-up shows with my info loaded and I click OK. Remember by being registered you don't need to do those damn word verification things. Also, did you know it keeps you comments and where you left them?
I think the login is easier than the word verification. Is the wordpress system not the same with remembering your login?

unknownmami said...

I'm off to check out the BLOGitse post.

lisleman said...

thanks - be nice not ghetto

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