Monday, August 30, 2010

I’m not a farmer but my friends want me to be

I know I have a reader or two who actually know first hand about farms.  I’ve been on a real farm.  I’ve hunted on farmland in the past.

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No disrespect to farmers but I never wanted to be one.  Also, it’s general knowledge that leaving the farm has been an ongoing trend for almost a 100 years.  There was a time back in the counterculture 60’s that moving to a farm was cool.  I’m sure those hippies were not your typical farmer.

So why do I have (you too I bet) friends and family asking me to join them on their farm?

Just about every time I log into Facebook (FB) I see requests from farming friends.  They all started farms over in Farmville.  I searched google maps and found Farmville VA.  I don’t how they can do remote farming.   Are the farm robots that good?

(oh they also seem to play Family Feud more times than a whole season of episodes)

After a little googling and reading I’ve discovered that Farmville is run by a company named Zynga.  (I’m hoping the next woodstock festival is on Zynga’s farm)  

People this is BIG $$ business.  Based on a CNN news article that is months old, it has 75 million active every month.  According to a US government site, there are only about 960,000 persons claiming farming as their principal occupation.  Of course, Farmville on FB is worldwide.

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Zynga now sells game cards at retailers like 7-eleven and Target.  Designed for consumers who don’t have access to credit cards or bank accounts to buy in-game items. The $10 or $25 cards can also be purchased as gifts and can be redeemed for in-game currency to get items like tractors, energy packs and furniture.

Do you have Farmville game cards on your Christmas list?

A quote from that same CNN article:
"We built the games so they could be played in a tab on your browser while you're on a conference call," said Pincus, a veteran Web entrepreneur who created Zynga in 2007.

I might play Farmville if I could get a government subsidy for running it.
If I’m on a boring conference call.


Kristina P. said...

I have never played a FB game in my life. Imagine that!

Bearmancartoons said...

Wouldn't that be cool if they did have a Farmville Virtual Woodstock. Might actually make me pay attention to that game.

lisleman said...

I also. Not at all interested (blogging takes up enough time) UNLESS I could get some money from it.

W.C. Camp said...

The only thing I want from Farmville is it's MILLIONS of followers. When I worked at an office though about 20 years ago we set up an actual POT of a around $100 to whoever could amass the most wealth in SimCity over 100 years. Interesting games but they are just GAMES, RIGHT? W.C.C.

OneStonedCrow said...

Hehe ... no, I've no time for virtual farming and besides, I don't have a FB account ... I wonder if kids still keep ant farms these days?

... just a thought ... when I was a kid there were these ads in comics for 'Sea Monkeys' ... apparently you just added something to water and poof! ... you'd have Sea Monkeys ... not being in the USA I could never order them but I've always wondered about them ... can you enlighten me?

BLOGitse said...

Finally I subscribed your feed...

I rather keep my money than make somebody else rich with gaming.
As we all know, it's not too many people who get rich by playing games...but many people are addicted and have financial problems, far more than those who get rich...

lisleman said...

Thanks for following. Gaming - often that means gambling games. The facebook games are free but entice you to pay for more. I have enjoyed gambling on occasion and if I end up ahead just a few dollars I'm happy.

But you are very right about the addiction problem for some and the reason casinos can stay in business is because the odds are in their favor.

lisleman said...

Yours is one of the most unusual questions I've ever been asked. Thanks.
My daughters had sea monkeys. I'm not a biologist but I believe they were some type of krill. In one of it's stages it can survive being freeze dried. Adding water made the tiny creatures come alive. The plastic bowl that was packaged with it had magnifying lens built into the sides so you could see the things.
thanks (this could be good post material)

lisleman said...

Now that I threw that idea out there, I should be the promoter.

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