Wednesday, August 22, 2012

from the hammock

I’m trying something new and cool (if the weather stays this way). My first post from my hammock via the power of wi-fi and laptops. 

The smartphone twitter world of today is filled with acronyms. Many of the ones I learn to use over the years came from the military (ASAP, AWOL). I suspect social media and texting will generate even more. Tell me what you think of my play on acronyms and please share your own versions in the comment section. (oh I did these before dinner)

      1. RIP Raspberries In Pie 
      2. LOL Love Oven Lasagna 
      3. FML Frozen Margarita Lips 
      4. BTW Blueberries To Work 
      5. FYI Filling Your Intoxication 
      6. IRL  I Relish Libations 
      7. OMG Order My Glass 
      8. TMI Tangy Meringue Icing 
      9. WTF Wine To Find (GWTF - Good WTF) 
      10. BFN Before Finishing Nachos

another circus 


Joanne said...

This is so funny I fired up Chrome to tell you so. You could replace those damn ubiquitous oval stickers on cars with these and make the whole world laugh when they closed in to see the significance of RIP and found Raspberries in Pie.

lisleman said...

thanks - if it takes firing up Chrome to share your comment you should do so more often. So you want go into the bumper sticker business?

longhollow said...

Love these, especially OMG! :) ( I don't like the new hoops Disqus put in place for comments, though!)

lisleman said...

well thank goodness you made it through the hoop. You have had a Disqus log-in for quite awhile right? Your browser should be able to remember you login info. Honestly I find typing in 3 items on your comment section more tedious but then I don't sign into wordpress (?) very often. BTW (the common acronym) when I first click in the "leave a message" box an option appears below offering me a choice of sign-in methods. The big "D" is Disqus which is not that obvious.

Preeti Bonthron said...

I want some frozen margarita lips. They sound very very good. - TGL

Kathy said...

I used YOLO ( you only live once) in the presence of my teenager and was ask to never again say that....apparently some are age sensitive! Other words it's only cool if your young!

lisleman said...

Since I did this before dinner all of these sounded good. Do you salt the rim? thanks

lisleman said...

Yes I've had that experience too. Alien teenagers what do they know?
Just be sure not to misuse one because they will be quick to call you out on it.

unknownmami said...

GOMWF- Get of my wifi

lisleman said...

That's a good one. Your comment made me check the router just to see who was logged into it. Do you occasionally check your router? Also even if you don't have others borrowing your bandwidth you should power cycle it about weekly.

unknownmami said...

No. Tell me how to check my router and what the heck is power cycle. Is there no end to the things I need to learn?

lisleman said...

The power cycle is easy - turn off the power (you might need to unplug the power cord since many don't have a power switch) leave it off a minute and power it back up. This resets all the software and wifi connections.
The harder thing - logging into your router. It depends on the router and how it was set-up. Most of them have a web page interface but you need to know its IP address and now I just lost you right? Well your router should have a login password not to be confused with the access code your computer uses. If you can log into your router you can see what computers are connected to it and control access. Once you do that you have entered the world of IT.

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