Sunday, January 14, 2024

weird ad for me

I'm in CCC (Curious Confused Clown) mode right now.

Didn't give them permission to use my name

As I was trolling scrolling through FB the other day, an ad video clip came up that I found funny. I watched it but didn't understand why their algorithm would selected me as a potential buyer. Their ad matching failed with me. I decided I needed to share the ad but not buy the product.

Have you heard of "tactical pants". I have not.


Being a senior I don't need tactical pants. Maybe strategical pants. Comfortable pants that could remind me about my daily stuff and prevent falling down. The ad shows many of features of these pants. Hopefully, the ad clip will play here. 

No pants will help me kick my leg up. Pants helping put my shoes on quicker would be nice. I don't need to tow a car with my pants. HOWEVER it would offer a great reason to take your pants off if you were offering assistance to stranded lady on the side of the road. (is that tactical or strategical??)
How many rings of performers does your circus have now?


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