Thursday, August 23, 2012

flimsy flipper friday

Hey did you notice that? Three f words in the title. You might have heard the f-word news that “f-bomb” made it into some official dictionary. Did “f-word” get added too?

Maybe the term “Friday Fragments” is not “official”. Doesn’t matter, Mrs. 4444 is serving her Friday Fragments but I don’t know if she will be grilling them or serving them cold. Drop some fragments over there, she’ll collect them. (I hope those puppy droppings don’t get mixed in by accident)

Mommy's Idea

Easily distracted - I didn’t used to be. I had great focus and concentration. I remember focusing on tough math or engineering problems in college. No more. I’m lucky to remember what to do after the toast pops.

If you have read here before, you might have caught on that I like to combine things that were never planned to be connected. Call me a connector (just use a nice voice doing it). My latest juxtaposition combination: 

"You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin" 
combined with 
"The Look of Love" 
results in
"You've Lost That Look of Love"

Why not Monday the 13th instead of Friday the 13th?

Flip back a few Fridays and you will find I posted a few words about fragrance. That topic gave me a quick browsing of a few fragrances. Have you heard of “Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Fragrance”?   No, I'm not surprised that he has a fragrance on the market. You just wait, someday I’ll be bringing in the dough (cookies?) from my “Lisleman’s Retire Me Fragrance”. My plan would be to hit all the retirement facilities which typically have more women than men. Their reduced sense smell can only help my sales.

Anyone can kick a bucket but only a few do it smelling great. Ok, sure I need to work on my tag line. Marketing thoughts bring me back to that J&B smell (pour some J&B on the rocks - gets me every time). Check out the marketing pitch that went into the J&B Girlfriend description:

Girlfriend is the enticing new fragrance made to get your heart racing as you experience that feeling of getting personal with Justin. One spray and you'll finally experience the exhilaration of holding on and never letting go. Every touch, every breath- all captured in a flirty new scent. Dare to get closer?

Exhilaration of holding on and never letting go? Sounds like an amusement ride or maybe a lobster.

After watching a news conference on Mars rover Curiosity’s first drive since landing, I think Curiosity could park much better than me. 

This has not been the best of summers - but you know what? Life is ups downs rights lefts and often a circus without funny clowns. So I'm just going to lighten up and forget about the crappy stuff. Right after I stop banging my head on the wall. 

"The time has come," the Walrus said, 
"To talk of many things: 
Of shoes--and ships--and 
sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- 
- Lewis Carroll 

I have not posted those words in over a year and I like to keep my promise to the Walrus.


Rebecca said...

The image of the ants reminds me of something I saw on pinterest. It says that if you feed ants colored sugar solutions the ants abdomen will turn whichever color they are eating. You could feed some ants red sugar water and some green sugar water and then you could drop them off at friends houses for Christmas decor. This comment illustrates that I am in desperate need of some sleep.

lisleman said...

Just a minute - oh good you are NOT on my Christmas party list. That's the weirdest Christmas decor idea I've ever heard. You are right about one thing - Pinterest will play a big role in Christmas this year.
Oh I took that picture which was part of a display at a science museum.

OneStonedCrow said...

Hehehe ... have you used Flippin' French Fries on Friday yet?

... i was watching the Curiosity Rover on TV the other day and I couldn't help wondering if you were involved in the robotics?

Freak me out and admit it was your design ...:)

Kathy said...

you gotta give credit to the ones who successfully ride their 15 minutes of fame all the way to the bank.I imagine the line up at the local mall of tweens was quite long for this fragrance. Have a wonderful weekend!

Pretty Purplexing said...

Ewww! The ant picture grossed me out! Was that really necessary?? ;-)

lisleman said...

I have used Flippin and I have actually visited Flippin Arkansas, but not that combination. Hey great to see your comment. Are back on the blogs again? NASA Curiosity involvement - me? wow it's a compliment that you thought of me. No, but I did get to spend some time working with a NASA engineer once. We both should write some job stories from the past.

Ann Javoroski said...

I am often tempted to quote the Walrus when I sit down to blog--which happens ever more seldom. Though I probably have more to say about cabbages than about kings, now that I think about it.
About JB perfume----after you've watched 70 Teenybopper idols come and go, you agree to the grab the money and run philosophy. It won't last long. Your voice will change and you'll start looking like a grown-up. The kiss of death.

unknownmami said...

I find that fragrance description disturbing. Perhaps it should be renamed, Delusion.

Bearman Cartoons said...

I did see that douche was added to the dictionary terms. Wonder what took so long

Laurie Matherne said...

I don't think marketing your fragrance to the clients in retirement facilities will work. Try selling it to the workers and visitors. Have you been in one of those places lately? It's worse than my preschool room when certain children forget their manners. Or forget their diapers.

lisleman said...

Hmm maybe a new line of a febreze type spray would be better?

lisleman said...

Of course you mean the newer slang type of meaning. Maybe the editor was one and didn't want to draw attention.

lisleman said...

IMHO marketing is about creating delusions. Now there are many types of delusions and sexually ones are more dangerous.

lisleman said...

Yes his days of fame are numbered and might be over already. Teenybopper - I have not used that word for awhile. Is there a senior version? seniordrooper - I need to work on that.

lisleman said...

I don't think ants are very gross. Sure I don't want them crawling on my food. Now maggots - that's gross. "Hey mom look what I dug up" must be fun with you. thanks

lisleman said...

I have no idea of how well his smells are selling. I'm sure he took a big advance on the deal. Have a good weekend too.

Pam said...

F-word = clever! On the fragrance issue- I hate them all. As soon as I smell one I can taste it and get an immediate headache. You can imagine what will happen around here when the husband retires. LOL

lisleman said...

I'm a little puzzled but that's normal. Are you telling us your husband wears cologne and you are going to have a headache through out retirement? Maybe the fragrance and retirement are not related. thanks - now my head hurts.

Keetha said...

Speaking of THAT f word, I heard today, or was it yesterday, that based on the number of times an f word is sent out on twitter that Philadelphia is definitely NOT the city of brotherly love. Go figure.

lisleman said...

twitter analysis - does it really mean anything? The F-word is a strange one I think because how and when it's used can give totally different meanings. thanks for sharing a comment

Single Mom in the South said...

My word, your fragments always make my head spin! I cannot think of a single thing to say, so instead I will tell you that Evie is my sister!

lisleman said...

Thanks being an Aunt is fun. Hope I didn't spin your head too much. A dizzy mom can be a problem. thanks

Mrs4444 said...

Wow--I haven't heard that poem since 3rd grade; thanks for taking me back.

That cologne pitch is sickening, probably right there with the scent.

Thanks for linking up :) Have a great rest-of-your weekend.

Lilly said...

I think you should pursue your marketing campaign with retired folk. I only heard the other day that they are going to be the biggest group that will have the most influence in the next few years because of the sheer numbers of older people everywhere. We will all be in vogue finally, lol. Hope your summer was not too bad, is it over already and are you into fall (which is like our Autumn I take it).

lisleman said...

Yes a big group but most of marketing money appears to be targeted to youth. Summer was hot and dry and yes a nice fall season (not falling) would be nice. In fact fall could just stretch into spring and that would be ok with me.

lisleman said...

That Lewis Carroll piece reminds me of fragments. Hopefully most kids will learn that your smell is not a big factor in relationships. thanks for hosting.

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