Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday whatevers

The April 2010 issue of Scientific American came the other day.  I often read the shorter columns or news articles first.  (just wondering does anyone else out there start a magazine at the back and flip through it backwards - I do)

The last article (one pager) by Steve Mirsky is titled "Wonders of Life".  I enjoy his writing and typically learn new things.  The valuable bit of information I learned from this article - Cheetos Lip Balm

I have not priced it yet (anybody know?) but I'm thinking it would make a great Christmas gift.

Who already has that?

If by weird chance they did already have some, then they must be the type of person who would want more. Perfect gift if you ask me.

As regular readers (you're the best) know, I have a few blogs.  I do that to sort things out somewhat.  Also, I want readers of this blog to lighten up.  You know, don't worry, be happy.  So I don't care to post political stuff up here much.  Actually, I don't post much political issue stuff anywhere but I do write a slightly political blog called Change Gov Luv.  

Anyway, did you happen to watch President Obama sign the health reform bill this week?

Tell me how many pens he used to sign it.

Want to know?  Check out my post on it.


oceangirl415 said...

You are already thinking about Christmas at Easter!:) I think that is a great gift.

I'm off to read about Obama, I guess this week, there is no way I can avoid that. My son says he's learning a lot about health care on Comedy Central.

lisleman said...

thinking of Christmas? not really but I just wanted to mention a common gift idea. Maybe I should have of used wedding anniversary but I'd get too much grief for that.
Comedy Central - Daily Show and maybe Colbert report? I really like Jon Stewart.

greeneyedmomster said...

You can usually find lip balm that flavor at Claire's and Hastings for around $2.50. My daughters bought their brother some bacon flavor lip balm for his birthday. It smells just like bacon.
I'm interested in your other blogs. I actually didn't know about them. I'll have to check them out. I have 8 total. 2 private, 2 with other authors, GEM, Dark Side of the Moon, Why Not? and My Recipe for Wellness..... I'm seriously addicted!
Hope you are having a great week!

lisleman said...

interesting about the other blogs. I just took a look at Dark Side of the Moon. I'll check out some of the music.
Thanks for the price quote.

greeneyedmomster said...

I tagged you for a meme. I hope you don't mind.


unknownmami said...

I don't want Cheetos lip balm. Will it make my lips all orange?

lisleman said...

i don't know but apparently greeneyedmomster's kids might know - see comments below

secretagentwoman said...

That lip stuff sounds disgusting.

Don't presidents sign each letter of their name with a different pen so they pens can then be doled out to various people?

lisleman said...

Yes you are right about the signing. I read in the one reference (see link in post) that LBJ used over 70 pens to sign a bill.

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