Thursday, February 04, 2010

Don't Worry Be Happy

Another fun blog game.
Happy 101 Sweet Friends

What a nice surprise to be reading through your blogroll blogs and discovering your name and blog getting recognition.  That's what happened the other day on the  Technobabe's Adventure blog.  She was happy and sweet enough to pass along the above award.

These awards are also like a game so just like a game, it has rules.  The rules are to link this award back to the presenter, send it on to at least three other bloggers and list 10 things that make me happy.
Check out Technobabe and her hippie blog (her words) with the above link.

Here's a fun part - listing things that make me happy:
  1. Family - supporting wife, kids, grandkids, brother, sisters and even in-laws.
  2. Making the family laugh especially a little one's giggle.
  3. Having my son or daughter buy me a beer.
  4. Learning new stuff about the world and how it works
  5. Warm spring days (soon I hope)
  6. Having the mortgage paid off.
  7. Finding an old postcard sent to me from my kid sister back in the 70's.  Reading it made me laugh (again).
  8. Blogging and getting supportive comments (hey the comment button is just below, see it down there?)
  9. My wife's homemade pancakes or waffles with her blueberries sauce (the secret is in the sauce).
  10. Listening to 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me'.  (also remembering the time my wife and I went to see the show live).
With regards to the passing this on to other bloggers rule, I refer you to both my blogroll, or the list in the  last reward/blog game post.  They are all award winning blogs.

Thanks again and
Remember as Bobby McFerrin sang:
Don't Worry Be Happy



Lisa said...

It is a list that warms your wife's heart and makes her happy.

Congratulations lisleman.

OneStonedCrow said he could not leave comment at your site. Could you please get with him.

greeneyedmomster said...

Don't worry, be happy! Congrats!

elementalmydear said...

Congrats! It's always nice to see your name somewhere unexpected! That was a great list. I liked each and every one you mentioned! Well, except the last one. I am unfamiliar with that, but I can relate to the idea.

secret agent woman said...

I did htis one - it was fun. I like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, too.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Good list! Family and a paid off mortgage together sound like Heaven! Warm spring days would just be icing on the cake, or waffles.

lisleman said...

Type your reply...thanks and please use this award

dave hambidge said...

I have never explored your blogroll Lisleman; so thanks for putting me there and I will explore the ist AFTER placing you on mine! I knew I'd missed one fecker...

lisleman said...

Thanks i'm trying to reply from an iPod not easy
I'll look up your 10 list

unknownmami said...

Making people laugh is one of my favorite things in the world.

lisleman said...

Type your reply...thanks and please use this award

Joanna Jenkins said...

Having the mortgage paid off is pretty great but having your kids actually buy YOU a drink is priceless.

Have a great weekend.

Kevin said...

Can't fault the list at all. Well done on the award!

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