Thursday, March 25, 2010

from a friend's blog

I can't really pin it down when, but at some point in my career I found myself thinking about all the various ways people earn their living.  Most of the unusual jobs are legal too.

Remember the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker?  I don't think I've ever met a candle stick maker but there's plenty of candles so I guess somebody is making them.

So I was over at a favorite blog called OneStonedCrow and saw this picture.

Can you read that warning?
It says "Poisonous Snakes In Transit".

>>  "Honey, I'm home."
<<  "Oh how were the snakes today dear?"

Can you imagine being a snake transporter?  I sure hope it comes with good health insurance.

Many months ago I posted about "the best job in the world".  It did sound good and it still does.

What's the strangest job you know of or possibly did?


unknownmami said...

Pay's not bad. Over $20 an hour.

oceangirl415 said...

I guess it was not easy after all or I was too subtle:) I have added the
picture of Hotel California in Todos Santos, Mexico.

The year was the year after Diana passed away, 1998. There is one thing I
want to say to the American people, I did not have sexual relations with
that woman..

I wonder what makes people think it was 1990, but oh well, I tried to make
it interesting:)

greeneyedmomster said...

Working in a health food store was the strangest job I've ever had. You would NOT believe the things people told me. That's what one of my private blogs is for. Those stories are unbelievable. I know way, way too much about strangers in this town!

Good luck with your busy days this week!

oceangirl415 said...

The van looks a like an ambulance, I hope there is no mistake.

The strangest work I see daily is handing out toll tickets to highway users. You just see this hand sticking out with a ticket in it. Day in, day out.

TechnoBabe said...

I did a post a couple years ago about a pooper scooper for elephants.

lindseypetersen said...

Along the snake 18 year old has worked as an alligator wrangler. (Really!) It was at a reptile education center and he would go into the alligator pond and pick out an alligator to show everyone. His trick...make sure all of the alligators have eaten first!!!!

lisleman said...

that mistake would be a bad one!

lisleman said...

I'll try to find that.

lisleman said...

Very interesting. He puts that a resume and it will make the interviews more interesting.
I would be worried that one gator is going to want dessert.

unknownmami said...

I've had odd jobs, but no transporting of snakes involved. My job now is kind of odd. I listen to phonetic strings online and approve whether someone with an accent from Mexico or Spain would say them that way. It beats digging ditches.

lisleman said...

that is very unusual. I'm guessing since it's very flexible and no commute the pay doesn't matter too much.
Do you know if they need anyone to rate beer belches or fart noises? I might be good at it.

RV said...

always put in mind to prioritize your own health

secretagentwoman said...

I like snakes and wouldn't mind transporting them. But non-poisonous ones, thanks.

oceangirl415 said...

lisleman, I did it!:) And I know you are very good at the game, maybe we should let others try it first, it is too easy anyway:) But definitely would love comments from you.

lisleman said...

I went and checked it out. I guessed a year but not the location. Do you like the Eagles?
I'm going to be offline some in the next few days so I wanted to go check it now.

dave hambidge said...

Hi, just a quick call by as back from hols. Strangest job I ever knew of was a lad from 6th form who took a 4 month post on the top of some Alpine mountain recording the weather every 4 hours and walking down the hill once a week to phone in his results and get victuals. He went on to Cambridge if I recall...

25BAR said...

I'll be interested in watching candle makers in action too. As far as snakes go, you must read my latest blog post.

dwmatty said...

Now that is an unusual job. I sure hope there's hazard pay and good insurance. Ever watch Dirtiest Jobs with Mike Rowe. Now there are some unusual jobs.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, those are gorgeous photos! Just stunning.

The craziest job I ever had was working in a small diner. Every Sunday the guy who owned the pet store across the street would come in for breakfast and bring a really big scary looking snake with him wrapped around his neck. It scared me so much I refused to go to wait on him. Thank gawd that job didn't last long.

Happy weekend.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing - I wonder if he was hitting on you.

Lilly said...

Oh I think the strangest job I worked in was hospitality because fo the strange people you would meet. Then again I was a makeup artist and that gave me a lot of stories about the rich and supposedly famous too.

I think any job involving dead bodies would be the worst - there must be some crazy jobs out there.

lisleman said...

thanks for going through some of the older posts and sharing your thoughts.
Yeah dead body work like doing hair and such would be weird but you probably get use to it.

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