Friday, October 28, 2022

Every picture tells a post

Do you remember when there were blogs that just posted pictures of stuff? That was so pre-instagram. I'm not joining another source of distraction so these pictures will be shown here.
I offer you a few pictures of outdoor art and a song.  
How many youngsters know what this is?

This next one was not taken by me. I've never been to Belgium. I pulled this picture off the artist's page so I suspect the artist is in the picture (the human sized one). His name is Wilfried De Cock.
Bird watcher keeper

I snapped (clicked?) the picture of the next one. This object (leave your guess) was displayed inside but didn't start that way.

what is it?

Two of the parks nearby seem to be competing for visitors with art installations. Here's a picture from each of the them.

that nature look

too many fruit loops

Interested in a Spanish song by Linda Ronstadt? I know very little Spanish. No matter (no problema) I still like the beat that starts up after the intro. The title means frenzy.


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