Friday, July 01, 2022

Cheers, The Billing Team

If you have any questions about this invoice, (some not toll free prefixed number) Toll-Free for help.
Just got an email from "the billing team" at a software company that I thought might not even exist anymore. I knew that I had NEVER purchased any of their products so it didn't take much examination to believe it was a dumb scam.
The first check I make is looking at the real "from" email address. I do this be clicking on the "from" email line. It is actually not hard to have your message show whatever you want on that "from" line. I played around with changing mine to Elvis.
Here's a selection from the spam email:

If you have any questions about this invoice, (Toll-Free) for help.
you have 24 hours to refund this charge from the transaction date without being charged.
It may take a few days for this transaction to appear in your account.
Please don't reply to this email.
The Billing Team 

Upon investigating the phone number I found the area code was for Hawaii (808). I'm guessing 808 looks like a toll free number. Of course many mobile plans today have unlimited free calling to any North American number so why bother?


Surf and Scam


At first I thought this scammer is living nicely in Hawaii. I later found I could even buy an Hawaiian area code number online (I didn't). The service is for businesses to appear local.

I didn't call "The Billing Team" number. I did forward the scam email to my internet provider Comcast.




The One-who-reads-fiction recently got David Sedaris's "Happy-Go-Lucky" book. I was flipping through it. It has an odd opening quote by Sigmond C. Monster. I googled it and found this interview of Sedaris on the daily beast. David tells a story about being at a book signing in London and asking the audience an odd request. 

I was talking about that onstage in London. And I said, "You know, when I sign your book, I’d love to know what you called a girl’s vagina in your house growing up." And every person had a different… not every person but, like, so many people had a different word, that was just a family word. I remember a neighbor of ours, growing up, said to her daughter: Suzie, get your hands away from your Suzie. I never heard anybody else call it a Suzie.

I laughed. Now I might never be able to meet a Suzie again without thinking of this.

Here's a song I discovered on youtube. It's different. It has no connection to anything else in the post. Enjoy.

I'm just Lisleman burning out his fuse up here alone

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