Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father's Day

Another Father's Day.
They certainly mean more after becoming a father. Watching the younger fathers interact with the grandkids adds yet another dimension to the celebration.
I first posted a Father's Day feeling back in 2010.
Here's a bit of what I posted then:
I miss him.

A feeling that still surprises me because there was a period in my life which I remember well that I didn't think I would ever miss him. I was wrong.

good catch

Happy Father's Day to the dads, stepdads, single parents, and everyone who guides, educates, coaches, mentors, etc. the young people today who will be our future tomorrow.
Over the years, I come to realize that families are not as simple as those 1950's TV sitcoms. I believe it does take village of support to raise good citizens.
Enjoy and reflect on this song:


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