Sunday, May 22, 2022


My guardian angel is still hanging with me and we keep on keeping on. Honestly, I’m very doubtful about this guardian angel thing. But if I have one, no need to piss him or her off.

Eleven years ago the rapture was a viral internet thing.
Rapture marketing

Rapture by robot

This rapture idea seems very weird in today's world. I posted about the lack of anything extraterrestrial happening back in 2011. Here’s the poem I wrote about the rapture that didn’t happen. 
failed rapture poem by lisleman (May 2011):

Fear was their tool for capture
Of many minds regarding the rapture.
Unlike the time the story was first told
Our media connected world was quickly sold.
I consider myself an optimist
This end date doesn’t show on my list.
But on this day, I here confessed
About the rapture I became obsessed.
So another day I will grow
To watch time’s steady flow.
With much doubt ringing in my ear
Just leave me alone to finish my beer.

Maybe the problem is the devil is in the details. 
Often in life you need to get right down to the real nitty gritty. This clip is worth watching to hear Peter Lawford say “interpretation of the nitty gritty”.


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