Thursday, May 05, 2022

one word too many meanings

Maybe you don’t give a shit. Maybe you find my blog the shit.

Whatever. What the shit?
Shit you say.

Yes you are correct. This post is about shit slang. Have you seen the pile of poop emoji? It’s so popular they sell bean bags resembling it. Maybe you have sat on one.

Looks soft but don't get too deep in it.

There are other slang words with multiple meanings and usage but shit is the shit. Instead of getting too deep in shit I’ll just share this youtube video I discovered recently. It’s long for a youtube video, 13 and half minutes. The video is by “Rachel's English”.

Her self-help videos are offered as an online American English pronunciation resource. I learned some of the latest slang and got a few laughs too.

If you had the time to watch the clip you now know some shit. Hopefully this post didn’t stink too bad.

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