Tuesday, February 02, 2021

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Just like you don't need to run a blog to read blogs, you don't need to join TikTok to watch a Tiktok video. Last October I found this and honestly I don't remember how I stumbled onto it.


I've got to get a better tripod for these. 😂#f#oryou #c#emetery #g#rave #t#ombstone #l#adytaphos

♬ original sound - Alicia

I'll try to explain where I'm going with this.

Visiting a cemetery on vacation

Who visits cemeteries on vacation? My wife and I do. I lost count of the number of cemeteries we have visited. Now we don't plan our vacation around cemeteries but if we have time and one is nearby, we check it out. She is the one who got me interested. I find the history and types of memorials interesting.

Cemeteries served as public parks back when they became popular in cities. Picnics in the cemetery.

It has been a long time since I posted about cemetery visits. During my posting of more than a decade, I've produced less than 10 posts on this subject. My first post about this was back in 2007 (link if you are interested).
If you watched the above TikTok video, you can't help but noticing the lady is cleaning the tombstone. Doing an excellent job of it too, I would say. However cleaning tombstones is not an activity of interest to me.

I personally know two people who enjoy cleaning up tombstones. That's great for them. I just don't care to join in.

Also on the topic of cleaning which I admit no qualifications to discuss, I was surprise to discover people making money on youtube and other video sharing platform by letting followers watch them clean. I find that crazy. (a link to a cleaner influencer)

Ok I need to wash my hands now. In the meantime enjoy this song by Josh Ritter. I enjoy the lyrics.


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