Monday, February 22, 2021

Legend of Lisleman

Don't worry about me. I'm alright. If the past is any indication, my plan will go flittershitters quickly.

Bus ride gone flittershitters

Change, switch, flip this topic. New terms everyday. Who reads the website terms? 

What’s the plan for becoming a legend? Does a blog help?

This blog has taken me to --- hmm, well I don’t know, actually physically it hasn’t taken me anywhere but the dining room, upstairs spare bedroom. But it has connected me to many other blogs and blog writers.

NO RHYME OR REASON - I’ve never had much rhyme but I do believe I could reason ok. I was Just Testing The Shift Key On The Left. It’s been slow to Activate lately.
I escape to the space bar often

Old Man Walking - Yeah, I’m still able to walk around. Yesterday, I enjoyed playing in the snow with our grandkids. Great to have a backyard hill for sledding but watch out for the fence, oh and the tree, yeah the utility box too. Nobody got hurt. I was worn out at the end.  
slip sledding away

I've tried posting about Lady Godiva once. My breaking news post on Doris Day gathered some comments. (she was still alive then but my post got her age wrong

I take advice from the lyrics of my favorite songs. From Ray Wylie Hubbard’s song “Mother Blues”

And the days that I keep my gratitude
Higher than my expectations
Well, I have really good day
Does the following equation equate?
Changes = feeling older

Both of my eyes still see fine but I discovered a song called “Legend of the One Eyed Sailor”. A legend is not worth losing an eye over.

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