Tuesday, September 18, 2007

cemetery question

I wanted to post this before we get too close to Halloween, because you might just think it's a seasonal thing. Here's the question:

Do you find cemeteries interesting and even enjoyable?

I do somewhat, but my wife likes them even more. When you take time on vacation to visit a cemetery then I would say, you like them.
Recently there's been a few stories related to cemeteries in the Chicago Tribune. One story takes place near the Airfone office in Oak Brook. It's a story of finding a cemetery in someone's backyard. The graves had NOT been removed properly before the land was developed for homes. Another one explained how some people find cemeteries a great place to take a walk.
One of the best cemeteries I've visited was in Savannah. It's called Bonaventure. Old cemeteries are the best.
The picture above of your's truly was taken some years ago in the Chicago cemetery, Graceland.

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