Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mouse tales

Warning: this post contains words about mice killing and a personal injury. So if you’re a mouse lover/hugger please browse on. It takes all kinds to make the world turn in a good way, so I might be wrong about mice killing and the animal rights extremists might know something. God bless you but you have your opinions I have mine so live and let live. (except for those mice invading my house)

Is it safe to go outside yet?

Was that too much of a warning?
Currently our
North American springtime is a serious sad time. People are dying. An insidious virus is spreading and killing people. Hand washing is up and we have been staying home more and more. I’ve included a new song by Jackson Browne about our current situation at the end of this post.

The mice don’t care.

This story would probably be scarier and more suspenseful if told by a local mouse. Hopefully all our local mice have left for better places than our house.

The attack was first noticed with the discovery of one dead mouse killed by a trap. While certainly unwelcomed, it did not raise an immediate alarm. Over the years mice have found their way into our basement from less than sealed tight spots. I had kept a trap set near the exit of the dryer vent.

The alarming surprise came about an hour or so later. We hear a quick snap coming from the basement. A quick check found another mouse with an untimely death (untimely for the mouse anyway).

Over the next 24 hours, the death toll went over a handful. Undoubtedly a terrorist
group of mice had targeted our house with a vast supply of suicide-willing recruits.

While resealing the probable entrance (below our outside deck and not easy to reach) I notice one of my fingers covered in blood. I was not directly injured by the enemy but still wounded in action. The cut was the type from something very sharp on the less sensitive part of my finger. If I had to file a report, I would say the cause was a sharp edge of siding.

Now a day later it appears the attack has been repelled. The area in now being monitored.

A graphic suggested by blogger, She Who Seeks:


Searchin' the horizon
For what we can't quite see
When all we've ever needed
Has been there all along
Inside of you and me

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