Saturday, March 21, 2020

down the rabbit hole

I've always enjoyed reading and visiting libraries. About a week ago I was planning to stop in and pickup a another book. The library was closed until further notice.  I didn't think the coronavirus would affect our library. We have nice library but our village is small and I haven't experienced large crowds there. Is this closing going to help much?

My wife (one-who-knows-where-stuff-be) brought up a box of our youngest daughter's books. Now this daughter is in her mid-thirties now. Why we have a box of her books is another story for another post (maybe).

Digging through the books I noticed Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I've heard much about these adventures but never actually read the book. So I jumped down the rabbit hole.

certainly a not-yet-retired rabbit

I've used the expression "down the rabbit hole" a few times during my career. Not too unusual for someone at a meeting to reply to a suggestion with we don't want to go down that rabbit hole right now. Unless you are the rabbit, nobody is sure where the rabbit hole comes out.

Lewis Carroll created a very strange world down there. Coronavirus is creating a strange world up here. Certainly the surreal things in this book do not have the seriousness of the surreal closed down world this pandemic has thrown at us. But surreal is surreal.

I read a little of it at night as I fall asleep. I think it affects my dreams but my dreams typically are very strange.

The puzzling logical dialogue and puns are fun. There was a conversation about school and lessons. The first lesson was 10 hours, the next 9 hours and so on. The mock turtle explains that's why they are called lessens.

Has the stay at home environment given you a chance to read any classics? 


The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago had to close so now they let the penguins take field trips around the empty aquarium. I'm just as confused as this little guy.

Lastly here's a tune I have not heard in awhile.

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