Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Best of times the worst of times

Best of times? Maybe if you look hard enough.

We are fine.

I’m still a dreamer of dreams. My recent dreams have entertained me with odd situations and unexpected people appearing in unexpected places. As my past dreams have been, they are very non sequitur.

This COVID-19 menace is scary. I do worry about the family. My wife and I are adjusting to this new mostly housebound condition. The news is mostly sad and scary. I get angry too. Hopefully I’ll just let the anger go and remember to refresh the reasons for anger in the fall election.

camp fire while stuck in the house

A short collection of my thoughts over the past weeks:

  • If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.
  • You don't miss our water till your well runs dry.
  • I’m totally fed up with the stock market telling me, I don't know what I have until it’s gone.
  • Also, look closely at the word brokerage. You can break the word into broke and rage. Hmm.

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