Tuesday, October 01, 2019

parody of rhyme

I thought of updating an old nursery rhyme while in the shower today. The one involving an egg having the unfortunate last name of Dumpty. The poor guy had a thin skin and liked walls.

Then it occurs to me, Trumpty Dumpty. Well duh, that name has been around since the 2016 election. Maybe I subconsciously pulled it from my memory. I don't know.

So I did a quick google on "Trumpty Dumpty". Yeah I was not the first one to put those words together. Also an image search produced many orange-faced eggs.

One of the images lead me to this meme generator site called, imgflip.com where I created the following cartoon.

Here's my updated rhyme:

Trumpty Dumpty raided funds for his wall

Trumpty Dumpty made an impeachable call

Trumpty Dumpty took a big fall

All the GOP pols and the GOP attorneys

Couldn’t Trumpty back together again.

(don't blow the whistle on me but please leave a comment)


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