Thursday, October 10, 2019

I often

I often tell myself …

Then before I even get to the real meat of my latest insight, - self replies, “you talking to me again? Go ask someone who cares to listen.”

I start to explain how finding someone willing to listen is so difficult.

Then self starts ranting, “knock it off, you big whiner! Only you can fix your problems.”

So I blog once in awhile.

Nice wagon for nice weather

I typically go with the flow. I’m not a boat rocker unless I’m on an amusement park ride. When the direction of the flow doesn’t match up well with my ideas, I’ll speak up. As I age, I’ve discovered that I resist the flow sometimes just because I don’t want to move.

Flowing on (yeah nobody ever says that) I’m curious what you think about this new space (space as in marketing jargon) called influencer space?

Isn’t it just a new updated name for people hawking products?

This influencer space seems like a social media medicine show without the wagon and horses. There is money in it. This article from 2018 says the Viral Nation (digital marketing and talent agency connecting brands to influencers) company takes in millions in revenue. Forget the old horse drawn wagon, they probably fly via private jet.

Do you follow any influencer?

Other than Lisleman. (Oh that's a joke. The wheels fell off my wagon long ago.)

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