Sunday, July 28, 2019

Not Applicable


I'm just not sure what this post can be applied to so perhaps it is just not applicable.

I hate filling out forms. Being able to select N/A speeds up the chore. However, nobody wants to feel completely not applicable. There's needs to be something that applies to everyone.

go outside your box - just do it

a ray gun?

I spotted those pieces of public art shown above in the small town of Three Oaks MI. Much better art than our bigger town shows.

I discovered a new Sheryl Crow song on youtube. She can still write great lyrics. It's a song about the idiosyncrasies that make you NUTS Applicable N/A.

Well, I like the way that you try to explain
You don't know who it is or what is his name
But he was in that movie
The one about The Show
Then you get mad 'cause
I'm supposed to know,   oh


I enjoy public art and have posted many of the pieces I've seen. Here's a post about piece that reminds me of having the "mondays".

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