Tuesday, August 06, 2019

I was thinking

I was thinking.

That's my best answer to the inquiry of what have I done all day.

I love to see oats in cookies

My body is still above the grass therefore I blog (apologies to Descartes).

A better twist to that idea would be "I'm retired therefore I think". Relaxed time and thinking mix together well for me. Unlike some other activities I don't sweat while thinking.

Is he thinking about wearing clothes?

Odometer watching

Who brought that up? Would odometer spotting sound better? 

I’m not referring to detection of a tampered odometer. No, I know of people who enjoy watching the numbers roll to one with many zeros. I guess every 10,000 miles provide those watchers a brief thrill. Years ago the mechanical odometers did a slow roll over but I suspect there is not a car on the market with those older types of odometers.

Now I get a good feeling from knowing our vehicle is still running well after 10’s of thousands of miles. The mileage reading is an important indicator for preventive maintenance. I'm not a odometer spotter. My focus is more on the fuel gauge.

Next on this thought train (or train of thought?) is an old song that reminds me of thoughts fluttering through my mind. I enjoy thoughts that float for awhile instead of rushing down a vortex. Sometimes thoughts echo softly in the distance through the canyons of my mind (slight rewrite of song lyric below).

Elusive butterfly on my shirt

Do butterflies remember being caterpillars?

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