Friday, May 31, 2019

Starting to feel swampy

I should refrain from playing to many songs by the Turtles. Also, it would really help if nature would refrain from the rain.

I’ve been complaining about our area turning to a swamp. Then I spotted this at my front porch.

Just making a quick stop

I suspect the record rains we had this May was one of the reasons the turtle showed up at my front porch. Probably to dry off! It was a snapping turtle so I didn’t take any selfies with it.

The snapping turtle and I were not going to be happy together. So following the advice of she-who-gives-advice-to-me, I used a shovel to lift the grumpy reptile into a tall bucket and gave him/her (??) a ride to the river park. The snapper even snapped at the bucket as he slide out. 

Hey if you enjoyed that sixties song, you might like this duet I found on youtube. Their young energy refreshes many of the rock n roll classics. They are called the MonaLisa Twins. Now if I had twin girls I would not play a practical joke with their names. I will admit their stage name is easy to remember. Did you like the Hollies song "Bus Stop"? Mona and Lisa do a great version and add some humor to their video.

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