Saturday, March 16, 2019

a strange request

There are a variety of request types. From HTTP programming language (GET request) to a freedom of information request. Often you are requested to take some action or offer you time. For example, I'm requesting you to continue reading my post.

At one point in my career my involvement with RFP's (request for proposal) filled many boring hours. Fortunately I was paid well for those hours. What is more interesting are those strange requests you may gotten from strangers. A little searching will produce sites that list strange requests from hotel guests. You might enjoy reading them, so give it try. But NOT now. I want to share a strange request I got the other day at a place where one should be leery of any requests.

I'm not asking for much

The place - a public restroom in a nice comedy club

The show had just finished. As I turned the corner of the room, I was pleasantly surprised the row of urinals were completely vacant. Like many guys do, I picked one on the end.

Oh before I forget, I just remembered one of the funny things I heard at the show. It was called a reflection which reminded of "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey on SNL
years ago. (he has a web site and books filled with them). Here's one from the show that night (my recollected wording):
Today we need thousands, possibly more that a million followers to feel important. Long ago a guy with just 12 followers became known as the Son of God.
Ok, back to that strange request. So most of my experiences using urinals are quiet staring at the wall necessities. Not so this time. Shortly are taking my position, a group of five young guys loudly filled out the row. I suspect from their boisterous exchange while relieving themselves that their liquor bill was much higher than mine.

Just as I was finishing up drying my hands, one of them made the strange request. Could I take a picture of them in front of the urinals. After a little hesitation I agreed. I raised the smartphone given to me and noticed I couldn't get all of them in the shot. One of them offer the one left out of the shot some space at his urinal. Very odd. I took a few shots and asked them if they do this often. They laughed. I left.

There something odd about picture taking in this generation that never happened in my generation.

So that was my strange request story. But if you have just a bit more time here's another story about a scammer request. This scammer requested money from the wrong old guy. His target of a lottery scam, William Webster, was a bad choice. Mr. Webster is a former FBI Director. Here's a clip from the FBI's youtube channel (who knew?):

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