Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Yeah and then there is this

If my posting trend continues, it won’t be long until I’m posting once a year. A lot can happen in a year but then again not much can happen too.

DIY Sir Fartalot

Of course there is the quantity vs. quality debate. Fakebook certainly goes towards the quantity side. Twitter is probably even worse but I’m not on twitter.

I started to write, “stopping time” as a blog recording idea, but no. Time stopped could indicate you’re dead. Capturing time is a better description. Technically, I guess capturing the essence a moment or memory is what happens. In the not too distant past the capturing took the form of letters/notes/diaries. My blog provides a method of capturing time for me and hopefully future others.

Many of my posts are not memorable events but rather thoughts that churned in my brain long enough to be written down. Having watched a Ken Burns documentary or two, I know that a person’s thoughts can be the best way to convey the essence of a moment in time.

I certainly don’t consider this blog historical significant. However, I do wonder will some future bot will scan and digest large volumes of postings to get a sense of historical events, social movements or just daily life in the past.

Emergency cabinet at a great store for odd stuff

Then there is this -
Deputy Cows helped chased down a suspected car thief in Florida recently. (IMHO, I think FL has the most dumb criminals in the nation)

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