Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It’s becoming a habit

(Notice - This blog is rated M for Mature. Annoyances such as, aches, sore muscles, the world going to hell, my body going to hell, why hell doesn’t exist so who cares, the weather, the dentist, ear hair, and other things I can’t seem to remember now but still piss me off, will often appear in postings.)

I like the slower lanes

While we are creatures of habit, we are also creatures that adapt to changes.

But when does an adaption become a new habit?

I didn’t see this coming. I’ve noticed a new habit forming routine - reminiscing and comparisons between the present and past events. Occasionally I ponder the future but not as much as years ago.

I realized many years ago that you can't drive very far just using the rear view mirror. (a post about that) I'm not sure why I seem to focus on the past more and more.

What’s the relevance of my rear view gaze? I don’t know but often I feel irrelevant. Retirement has the unwanted side effect of reduced relevance IMHO.

Slightly off the subject of these slightly off feelings - I believe people seek relevance on FB and Twitter. Maybe I even did with this blog long ago. The social media services are useful for sharing but they plenty of wasteful and sometimes dangerous aspects too. Any and all tools can be misused.

Blogging became a relevant hobby for me.

Our village hired a troll as a guard

I’m finishing up reading, “The Order of Time” by Carlo Rovelli (Italian theoretical physicist). I don’t know if a category philosophical physics exists but I categorize it as that. Now you might know or sorta recall that this Einstein guy revolutionized physics with his spacetime concept. This book explains how time in the spacetime of relativity changes and also how time doesn’t even exist at the fundamental quantum level.

I’ve mused about time in other previous posts. (notice if I had written “future” instead of “previous” the prior sentence would be considered nonsense - why is that?) Carlo elaborates on the idea that many physical interactions are time reversible. This time thing emerges because of heat and entropy. (here’s one of my related posts - take your time it’s about time)

Recently, a local PBS station was playing the show, “A Cat’s Attic Yusuf Cat Stevens”. It was part of a fundraising drive so it played a few times. Yusuf performs his great song book and also tells a few personal stories. He explained that his son got him to take up guitar again.

Lord, my body has been a good friend
But I won’t need it when I reach the end
Miles from nowhere,
Guess I’ll take my time
Oh yeah, to reach there

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)


It’s NOT now or never. For me, it’s more like now or in about 5 minutes. I must point out that a quick comment which is most appreciated can easily be done in less than 5 minutes but no rush, take your time not mine.

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