Tuesday, May 01, 2018

for my next amazing act

Welcome to Lisleman's Got Talent.

My problem is only one part of my brain has talent and the other parts just don't get the message. I mean why can't I sing as well as I think?

Hidden talents of a squirrel

Now I've heard long ago that people actually get paid to find talented people. Do you need talent to seek it out? It certainly is difficult to measure talent. Also, the definition of talent is vague.

I consider talent and skill as overlapping traits. Talent has more creativity. Skill has more knowledge and practice.

We recognize talent in singers, painters, and other types of artists. But what's you opinion on:
  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • engineers
  • scientists
  • racecar drivers
Is it skill or talent? As I said I think those attributes overlap so I would say all of these professions have both. Any doctor working on me in the future, I want to be considered both talented and skillful.

Here's another question to prompt a comment from you. Is talent always a positive thing? What about a talented hacker/thief/scammer? Maybe we need to use a different word for those types.

People enjoy seeing talent. So much so that many talented people are paid huge amounts of money for performing.

Ellen DeGeneres is a talented comedian and show host. Enjoy the talented people she found for her show. BTW, I could never keep the hula-hoop going long enough so I was impressed. 

OK, do I own the talent to prompt a comment?

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