Wednesday, April 25, 2018

another day another drain

This happened before in August 2013. I know because I posted about it. (link to old post)

As laid on the bathroom floor contemplating my next attack on the drain pipes, I thought of that old commercial showing fallen seniors not being able to get up again. For my situation I would change to the script to:

Help! I've tried some plumbing and I can't get up.

got my clovis strap working

Twisting and turning to position the tools in the small space under a sink works better on a younger more flexible body. Another idea inspired by this do-it-yourself plumbing - plumbing yoga. Plumbing yoga would increase your flexibility along with teaching common plumbing fixes.

Enough on plumbing joys and tribulations. I can move now, so I'm moving on.

Just going back to the days of the last administration did you ever imagine that tweets twittered to the world would be the subject of international news? I’m still holding out of joining the twitter world but Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune scans twitter for his favorites. Here’s a recent one:

“If you're sitting in public and a stranger takes the seat right next to you, just stare straight ahead and say, ‘Did you bring the money?’”

If I was on twitter (really what is the point of joining?) I would have tweeted a few days ago:

I feel like a battery short of lighting a flashlight. If I owned a fitbit it would indicate dead.

I failed to write a segue for this last thought. Do you really care? You've made it to the bottom of the post now. I found this interest story of Louie Louie on the Marketplace website.

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