Sunday, May 06, 2018

Bits of memory

For over more than a decade of blogging I’ve discovered:
  • New words - I suspect I would be finding new words/terms even if I didn’t have a blog. I think the blog writing helps because while checking my spelling I’ll stumble on to new words. A recent one was “tittle”.
  • I’m able to confuse myself - I’ll start out with one idea for the post and finish with unplanned thoughts only to notice the original idea is lost in the shuffle.
  • Blogging is useful for memories - backing through your old postings helps recall events and there position on your life’s timeline.
  • Youtube video clips are constantly busted - This is annoying. Often a post less than a year old might fail to show a youtube video that was part of the post. Who you gonna call? Tubebusters?

Grandkid pictures always lighten up the blog

I saw only the first movie in the series - didn't need more it was great

Recent headline in Chicago Tribune:
Willis Tower getting new elevators: Here are the ups and downs

Appears that a pun can still get through the editor.

Have you heard of this social site called Nextdoor? Surprisingly, I found out about the site from a postcard in my physical mailbox. It reminded me of when you joined AOL via a floppy disk that was mailed to you.

A post found on the Nextdoor social site:

Has anyone had mice exclusion done? If so, how expensive is as it? Exclusion involves sealing all entry points and fixing the gap between the garage door and the garage floor

I'm glad the Nextdoor poster explained mice exclusion. I had never heard that term before. But if the mice are excluded where to they go? to the neighbors?

Well hopefully this post vs. the original idea of getting philosophical
ended up better.


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