Saturday, June 17, 2017

father thoughts 2

I first posted this in 2013. I'm being a bit lazy and will reuse it this year. My thoughts are still the same and my blog is a fine place to store a few memories.
Father's Day really does change when you become an adult orphan. Not as big a change as becoming a father yourself. Each year it feels a little different. No gift to buy just thoughts of past times, good and bad.

The passing of years since they left becomes very evident when I need to do a bit of arithmetic to recall the number of years (my calculations, dad passed 32 yrs ago, mom passed 27 yrs ago.)

More reason to appreciate having sisters and a brother to share growing-up memories. We each bring a different perspective to memory recollection.

a fish catching smile

The Mother and Father Days are all about relationships. One of my favorite relationship songs is "Landslide". I heard Stevie Nicks once tell the audience that her father thought she had written it for him. I found Stevie's words about the song at this site: 

"The story of Landslide... everybody seems to think that I wrote this song about them. Everybody in my family, all my friends, everybody... and my Dad, my Dad did have something to do with it, but he absolutely thinks that he was the whole complete reason it was ever written...."


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