Monday, June 26, 2017

Lost Dreams

Lately, I can get lost in a dream.

How delightful - right? It’s not delightful at all.

I should reword my explanation. I’ve been having dreams in which I find myself lost. Not scary but very frustrating. I like to enjoy dreams not be annoyed by them. Once I was wandering an office complex. Next time I’m on a small island filled with tourist traps with no direction home.

a chair bear

I wonder if posting about this will reinforce my failed nighttime navigation. Maybe I could produce a smartphone with good GPS app in my next dream.

I typically enjoy dreaming. I only recall a few and like most people I soon forget them.

I’ve read that ideas from dreams can produce real results. Once I solved a problem at work from a dream. You may have heard about DNA scientist, James Watson, attributing his double helix DNA structure discovery to his dream.

I found a wikipedia page listing notable dreams.

John Lennon said his song "#9 Dream" came to him in a dream. I don't know if the title came to him also in that dream, since the numbering appears to be off.

Not dream related but I want to share this odd "piece of art" I spotted at MCA in Chicago. I consider it more of a piece of comedy.

positive thinking

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