Thursday, June 08, 2017

What if I ramble a bit

What if I told you I just made a mixtape. I suspect most of you would know what I meant. Actually what I just finished was a mix CD. Will that activity even be around years from now? Today, many cars are not equipped with CD players and the cassette player was ditched years ago.

ramble too much and lose your head

What if youtube was around back in the 1950’s? Technically, it would not have worked well since the internet along with the necessary peripheral equipment had not been created yet. I should ask, “youtube and the necessary internet technology”. The track my train of thought is on here is using youtube like service starting back in the 1950’s. What would have been the viral videos of the 1950's?

Would the youtube activity warp our events and culture in such a way that now in 2017 viral videos would be so retro that no would care? I don’t think so. A video really becomes viral because of the subject and content not the technology it is delivered over.

Thanks to our library congress we have available many old recordings (pictures, video, sound) in easily available digital format. Here’s a short video taken in July 1897, at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. I don’t understand the clothes. It must have been really hot.

I’m certain that quick sharing of videos would have positively impacted many of the social/cultural problems we have had. The spread of the written word accelerated with the printing press. I watched a science/history show recently that links the printing press to the adoption of reading glasses.

Written words are powerful but images and sound reaches even more people in quicker ways. Recordings of events/music/stories/daily life have become part of living and will only increase in the future. Our grandkids in pre-school are able to take good pictures on a smartphone.

(quick tangent coming at you)

Did you ever wonder why there is only 10 commandments? I think Moses couldn’t chisel the stone quick enough and quit at 10. Moses had to rewrite it after having broken the first set. The terse style of the wording would work well with Twitter limitations today. Too bad he wasn’t able to save it to the cloud like today.

I ramble quietly with little rumble. Ramble on. I enjoy sharing youtube music so here’s Led Zepplin:

Ah, sometimes I grow so tired
But I know I've got one thing I got to do
Ramble on.

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