Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Straighten Up and Fly Right

This past January I reported my first drone flying crashing experience.

The weather has warmed but the rain and wind has been a too frequent visitor. Recently the air was mostly still on my deck but when I reached an open space in a nearby park the wind conditions were very different. I gave the drone a try anyway. The wind was pushing it around at will. After one hard landing I noticed I had cracked one of the four arms.

It was a fun challenge to repair it with tape and popsicle sticks. My "fix" didn't effect my flying. Still more hard landings than soft. However, I have increase my airtime between landings. The unpredictability of controlling it with wind and battery power has convinced me not to fly it around any crowds.  

No GPS, no live video streaming and no automatic avoidance system on my drone. Flying it requires constant eye contact with it.

(oh I found this Nat King Cole song performed by Lyle Lovett in my i-tunes collection - good fit for the video

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