Thursday, April 13, 2017

On the B-side

A-few-clowns-short readers will probably remember what the B-side was. I suspect very few of their children or grandchildren will know. Those 45’s had two sides, A and B. The stereo LP was the big thing when I purchased my own stereo so I had a meager 45 collection. My older sister had the 45's.

Today I guess singles are released via youtube or some other streaming media. LP’s are making a comeback but I doubt 45’s will. How could you have a B-side of a streamed digital song?

This morning a B-side song, "Touch the Wind" was played on my favorite oldie station. As I listened I thought that sounds like an oldie hit Spanish song. A little quick easy research (not quick or easy back when 45’s played) turned up the answer to my puzzle. The A-side was “Eres Tú” which was top US billboard hit in the early 70’s.

You would think the B-side being in English would be a translation of the original Spanish version. It’s not.

You know I love parodies and hit songs are the best ones to parody. I found this parody but it’s in Dutch so I don’t understand it. From the video I gather they are singing that it’s dessert. Warning the video will make you hungry and book a flight to the Netherlands.

Another fun video I found has Chris Farley and David Spade singing “Eres Tú” in the movie “Tommy Boy”. They sing it just after slaughtering "It's the End of the World" song. 

como el agua de mi fuente

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