Saturday, April 08, 2017

real donut news

Do you recall my idea of the Church of the Donut?

I don't recall where this pic came from

If you do, praise the donut and bring some over next time you are around.

Back in the glory days of blogging, I had a streak of ideas to share. (much better than sharing my streaking the coliseum) Looking back I notice 2013 was a banner year for my idea generator. Now I post less and wear out my slippers quicker. Does the day and my feet need to drag together?

Too often I just get part of the action/game/prize. For example years ago I thought being an absent-minded-professor type would be great. Now I’m finding myself being absent minded but I’m not a professor. I could open the Lisleman Institute for Unknown Studies and appoint myself a professor. However, I’ll never reach tenure since my institute has no funds for such things. So what’s the use.

Nothing is further from the truth, but something is close at hand.

If you were picking away the moments that make up a dull day, what wondrous exciting surprise would brighten your day? (actually if you comment on this my fairly brighten day will be brighter)

Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues by Danny O'Keefe 

Should it now be changed to "Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blogs".

One of the funny tweets selected by Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune:

"If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, that is where you should put the body"

Recently on FB my younger sister wrote that she “listened till my battery died” - now that's modern devotion. Sacrificing smartphone power for another person might be today’s version of the cup of sugar between 1950’s neighbors.

Oh the title - another ephemeral idea of mine - reporting real news about donuts through my blog. I did find one interesting story about Dunkin Donuts settlement of class action (better than a no class suit) suit over fake butter on a real bagel. Had it been a fake bagel the damages would be much worse. Here’s a link to the story for you buttered bagel lovers. I prefer cream cheese.

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