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Disclaimer: Now I'm a disclaimer, not a trace of truth in my mind. (go look up the Monkees big hit) The following thoughts are very limited. They do not express any views other than I’m probably in need of an espresso.

… when I needed sunshine I got rain...

I learned long ago that a ramble is less painful than a rumble. Ok let's ramble. It’s also better than chanting.

With the explosion of political trash spreading across fakebook last year it seems like this fake news stuff is something new. If you think about similar stories from the past such as hoaxes or propaganda you realize it's not really new. The internet does make it easier to create and spread though.

The Chicago Tribune had a story on this subject yesterday. One of the fake news/hoaxes from the past was the baby picture of Adolf Hitler in 1933. (after this gets around don’t be surprised if someone pins the picture on our president)


The picture was a complete hoax and later discovered to be a touched up (good work considering no photoshop back then) of a kid living in Ohio. (interesting story and more photos at

I wonder if a few of those myths passed around in ancient Greece and Rome started out as a good hoax. Just think if Julius Caesar had photoshop for his laptop and printer. He might have lasted longer than the ides of March. Good thing he gave us the Julian calendar before getting himself stabbed by a gang of senators.

His calendar introduced the leap year with an extra day. Not a bad system but by 1582 it needed to be repealed and replaced. Its replacement is the one we use today, Gregorian calendar. I suspect the calendar switch was a bit of a problem but probably not too bad since Romans didn't get monthly billings. The new calendar had to realign the months so October 1582 was a mess. It jumps from Oct 4 to Oct 15 overnight on a Thursday. I have issues with daylight savings time.

Correct word usage - One of the funny tweets selected by Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune:

ME: "Anyways" isn't a word. You mean "anyway."
THERAPIST: ANYWAY, we were talking about your difficulty making friends

Did you know the band Ides of March was from Berwyn, IL? Probably the best thing that has come out of Berwyn.

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