Thursday, March 30, 2017

never been to Ipanema

I've never walked on Ipanema beach. Wikipedia shows me it looks like this at sunset.

1 ipanema beach vidigal sunset

Not quite as far south as Ipanema, I took this sunset picture on a beach that I've been fortunate enough to walk on.

Miramar Beach FL

During these sunset events I and everyone that has been around me refers to the sun going down. I can’t recall anyone saying how lovely it is when the earth turns and sun disappears on the horizon. The sun going down is a fine way to describe it even if it not as accurate. Today, most would find it unacceptable to punish Galileo for promoting this earth turning idea.

Perception - Things are not always what they seem.

I’m currently reading, “The Quantum Moment”. (here’s an Amazon link if you want to look it up) The two authors are both professors at Stony Brook University. One a philosopher, and the other a physicist have written this book based on their co-taught class that is taken by both physics and philosophy majors. I’m not finished reading the book yet but I already would highly recommend it. Of course, I read mostly nonfiction and I know many favor fiction.

Once in the dark sky of Montana my wife, youngest daughter, and I watched with amazement the milky way travel over us. That night I didn’t perceive the earth turning but I’m convinced from my education that it does. Even though I’ve never touch the Ipanema beach I have no doubt of its existence. My inability to perceive quantum particles (actually we perceive light which is made up of quantum photons) doesn’t stop me from believing quantum theories. Understanding quantum theories is whole different problem though.

If you have been introduced to the classical physics (based on Newton’s work) and have heard of quantum mechanics then this book should be an easy read. Much of the book tells of the misused and mistranslated quantum theory ideas by popular culture.

I don’t need to understand wave dynamics or the crystal structure of the sand to enjoy a nice beach. However, sitting on a warm beach I do enjoy pondering how it all came to be.

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