Monday, April 24, 2017

I don't golf but I love hash browns

Remember the news that you learn here at the Lisleman’s Institute for Better Postings could be valuable to you or your descendants. (actually if you happen to discover any use for anything you learn here, I would love to know)

read on to discover why this picture is not extraneous

Now this strange story may have already popped up on your internet travels since it's very strange. There's a recall of hash browns because of golf balls. Actually “extraneous golf ball materials” was the description used in the McCain Foods recall announcement. Extraneous does sound better than the synonym irrelevant but I would suggest the straight forward approach of "we-have-no-f'ing-clue-how" golf ball ..."

Really? how would golf balls get mixed into a supply of potatoes? (now can-you-believe-it President Trump does own many golf courses - just saying)

Here's a real news story link on this recall.

Other than my wife's great hash browns, my favorite hash browns are found at the Waffle House. Good coffee and food for a reasonable price. Their scattered smothered and peppered hash brown dish is my favorite. I seldom order their waffles. Their scattered hash browns offer many options but not golf balls.

Fee fi fiddley aye, oh - another tweet selected by the tweet judge Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune: "What kind of psychopath works on the railroad all the live long day just to pass the time away?"

OH WAIT - there's more:

For all readers that have scrolled this far down, here's a song about Waffle House performed by Sturgill Simpson and Stephen Colbert.

(my sad disclaimer - unfortunately, items such as waffles, hash browns, or coffee were NOT provided to me by the Waffle House for this post.)

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