Sunday, October 16, 2016

In the mood


Not in the mood for fakebook.

mood lighting??

Also lately I have not been in the mood to post anything on my blog either. Lots of reasons come to my mind but the reasons don’t matter much. Now I don’t need to be on the sunny side of the street to write a post but it often helps. There has been a few marvelous things happening around me lately. Joyful events really. Getting diverted from the blog for wonderful family events is the way it should be. Actually, I tend to keep most family events good or bad out of the blog. If fakebook is good for anything it would be sharing family events.

If you have been reading this clown’s blog for awhile you probably picked up on my distaste disgust for political garbage on fakebook (the reason I started calling it fakebook). Anyone living in the US watching or listening to any news recently has been subjected to disgusting political mud slinging. Unfortunately, I have a few family members who (reasons I don’t understand) smear that smelly stuff around fakebook. I really do try to avoid getting drag into comment exchanges. Recently, I fell into the trap of replying to some political trash.

Not too long ago on FB I posted this survey type question:

I have a question for the FB users I know and anyone else who might see this. Given that the US is now about 1 month away from election day, do you think FB has helped or hurt your understanding of the candidates and what they represent? (Overall, I find FB a misused distraction that distorts and spreads misinformation)

I was pleased that of the comments written most all the them agreed with my view on this. However, the ones with apparent extreme opposite views either didn't comment or argued with me. I believe discourse is one of our great freedoms. But much of the fakebook garbage is not discourse. It's more like the behavior of kids fighting on grammar school playgrounds. Name calling, bullying, and fear mongering is not discourse.

I thought I might try a little experiment on myself. Does listening to the old hit swing tune, “In The Mood” help me create a post. So far it has worked ok. Of course, I might need to collect more data. There are thousands of songs to try. Remember back in the 80’s, “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”? It was a one-hit wonder song. Wearing shades is fine, but I hope our future does NOT include needing to wear flak jackets and helmets.

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