Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Something to brag about

For many years I was proud to say that I had never stepped foot in an IKEA store. There are several in our general area. I forgot to record the date but months ago I did visit a nearby one and walked around it for awhile. One of our daughters and her husband were there to buy something. I guess they felt the need to assemble something.

I do recall their free paper tape rulers. Great idea for a furniture store. I took a few home.

Did you happen to see the news story on IKEA in Shanghai? (BTW, do people still use the phrase, “got Shanghai’d”

According to this story (link) elderly are shopping for more than DIY furniture at the Shanghai IKEA store. They are shopping for love. From the article:

“...most of the regulars were seeking light flirtation rather than a hot dog or a glass of lingonberry cordial, management has grown tired of allowing their restaurant to be used as a makeshift singles club.”

This reminds me of when I and a group friends would be thrown out of restaurants because of overstaying our small order of maybe three sodas. We thought three soft drinks should be worth three hours of hanging out.

The best buy - I’m not referring to the store. No I mean the idea. I understand getting a good price, a good deal. I just don’t worry or spend much time trying to achieve the best possible buy. I think the best buy will probably come at a time way off in the future. You know when nobody is buying whatever it was that you fretted over trying to get the best buy. Here’s a question - how far will you drive to save five cents on a gallon of gas?

Oh since you have read this far down, it's your lucky day. You qualify to follow the following link and read my opinion of pillows. IMHO a better post than this one. check it out it's free -  pillow talk

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