Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I could use a joke

Let's stop a minute and take a rest. If I joke about it, then my mind won't treat it like a problem - right?

Two old guys walk into a bar ….

<<<< Probably not, your joke is not going to help much today.

Yeah but it’s NOT really a problem anyway.
It’s only natural. The normal course of events shouldn’t be a problem.

Going downhill should be easy and fun. I remember rolling down hills as a kid. The world just flipped over and over. I would end up a little dizzy and might have grass stains on my pants. Oh the sand dunes were the best, no grass stains there. I was fine with over this hill and then that hill. I loved roller coaster thrills.

Sure a few of those that fall fast to the very bottom often don’t make it back up to the top. Often life is what it is.

Ok maybe I’ll try a different path. No sense in dropping too fast. I’m not in a big rush to get there.

Hey if a knee blows out in a forest, will anyone hear it?

<<<<  How's your knees?

How much does a knee replacement cost? Don't answer. I'm sure it is what the market will bear. However if you see a bear coming I'm sure you would be glad to have trusty knees instead of rusty ones. Do bears like rusty knees? Don't answer.

Hey, listen, I have seen some funny sights on my path of life which reminds me, didn't I start telling a joke?

Oh yeah, so the second guy turns and says....

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