Wednesday, July 27, 2016

a sign of the times

my dog can't read

no not that sign

Proofreading spelling grammar = good sign

wonderful things to see if you look up

ignore this, the post is so slow you probably stopped already

Wow, I didn't realize I've collected way too many sign pictures over the years. 

What was I going to post? Oh yeah, that big hit game I've never played, Pokemon Go (oh I'm not going to bother to figure out how to put that accent sign on top of the 'e' in Pokemon. I don't even know what it means anyway)

Maybe collecting pokemons is more rewarding than my odd sign pictures collection (I snapped the first and fourth pictures on trips) but I don't think so.

I got my sign picture taking from my mom

From the old-guy-who-put-quarters-into-a-machine to play video games long ago, I say don't do it. You'll get addicted to it and waste too much of your time. Life really can be short, especially if you run into a tree, sideswipe a cop car or cause who knows what type of accident playing with this augmented reality.

Jumping on the bandwagon probably is a phrase too old for the Pokemon Go players to use but I believe that communal feeling is a big driver in attracting new players. They are all doing it and yes past generations have flocked to other "they-are-all-doing-it" things too. This past month the Pokemon Go circus came to town. Actually to towns all over. It doesn’t call itself a circus but I suspect many people might call its players clowns. An unbelievable horde have jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. (I don’t think it even comes with a band or any music either)

From what I've learned from video clips and news reports describing it, I believe the game is non-violent and promotes some outdoor activity. I also heard Angry Birds promoted physics. (I have actually played angry birds a few times. Fun but I couldn't figure out what was addicting about it.) Who knows? Now the birds will be getting even more angry.

Each of us have different views of the world around us which is a good thing. Often I wonder if my view is too tilted because things don’t always look all that straight to me. The first odd thing I noticed about this Pokemon Go craze was all the fake news stories on FB. It’s getting so bad I’m going to start calling it FakeBook.

The Daily Beast posted this interesting story about “the Pokemon Crime Wave”. Taken from the Daily Beast article:

"...But 10,000 people shared that first story on Facebook. More than 64,000 shared the last one. And the Pokémon highway accident? Three hundred eighty-four thousand shares on Facebook in a couple of days.
And none of them are real.
CartelPress is just one part of the Pokésteria. "

FakeBook members love to reshare shocking news without ever reading past the headline.

Now there have been a few real accidents related to Pokemon Go. But more importantly IMHO, is the increase in malware Pokemon related apps. Hackers, are like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Even an electronic store I’ve been know to visit for a gadget or two jump on the bandwagon with a promotion of portable battery smartphone chargers for your Pokemon Go adventures.

I found this next example funny. Funny because I thought back to my own dating days (going steady, wearing someone’s ring, cruising were common activities back then) and thinking if I had suggested a Poke Date to a girl I probably would have felt the slap before I heard the rejection.

So a Chicago startup dating service jumped on the bandwagon too. They are offering Poke Dates. Here’s a story on that one.

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