Monday, June 27, 2016

Oh Jesus

Now I could easily do a post on the pros/cons of cursing but I’ll refrain. (refraining from actual cursing is a bigger issue of mine)

Also, the title doesn’t refer to any Hispanic friends of mine. I do find it interesting that other cultures can easily use a name that is special in a different cultures. Hmm, how would Lord G. Lisleman sound to you?

What’s in a name anyway?

For branding people - quite a bit. Big money and research often can go into brand names.

Yesterday and today I’ve found myself on FB more than usual. One reason for my recent FB activity was attending a high school reunion (might be a future post on that). Believe it or not, I can go days without checking FB.

While on FB I discovered brand Jesus is coming out with a new line of condiments. I’m still looking for their press release (probably takes longer to carve in stone) but I’m sure the Jesus brand will offer 10 condiments.

Here’s the first condiment:

not too spicy

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