Wednesday, April 27, 2016

maybe I'm amazed easily

Maybe I'm amazed at the great youtube videos I discover. 

Regular readers and irregular readers (hopefully just a minor irregularity and they will be able to finish this post) know that Lisleman hits the youtube often. Back in January this year I discovered a very touching ad that used brotherly love instead of horses and puppy dogs. (link)

Today I found another clip about a type of brotherly love. You know how you can have a brother from another mother? In other words, a friend's relationship can feel as close a sister or brother. Depending on your family maybe even closer.

I believe the following is a true story. Pabst Blue Ribbon heard of it and made a short documentary about it. The only ad type thing in this story is the product placement. PBR was a very popular beer back in the sixties. I don't care much for it today.

I'm posting about this today not to promote any beer (however you want to buy me beer let me know) but rather to share this amazing story. Maybe I'm just amazed. (more about the story here)

My brother served in Vietnam. He has told some amazing stories. I shared this with him too.

Oh my title just gave me another reason to play a great cover of "Maybe I'm Amazed". Yes I'm amazed.


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