Monday, April 25, 2016

remember the baby races

I don’t.

I am a pepperoni short of a pizza today. (not as bad as being a belt buckle short of not dropping my pants - so embarrassing) Please don't let that stop you from finishing this post and letting me know what you think.

In general we all have plenty of ideas. Unfortunately, most all of them are
unattainable and possibly dangerous.

Baby Races on the beach.

did they have sunscreen back then?

While I haven’t assigned anyone on the Lisleman’s Institute for Better Postings team to research the baby race idea, I’ll just apply my skill of wild speculation to the idea.

The idea probably started before the release of the movie "Jaws". Too many scared from the beach after that movie.

there's the winner or whiner

I suspect there was much sand eaten. At least our kids seemed to enjoy a fresh handful of sand. Given the era, there probably were too many sunburns. (an early morning race with cool sand and low sun might be alright)

I've never witnessed a beach baby race. However, I have raced to grab a baby that thought she was turtle going to sea.

Any readers with first (or second) hand knowledge please comment and give yourself a hand if you have any left.

Two thoughts for you to ponder or just toss aside.

First a worthless idea: If I am ever inclined to beg, I would only beg for American Pie. It would be a service to generous people allowing them to say Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Everyone names their pies - right?

Second: A nearby breakfast restaurant that I would recommend for their menu, service, and price, has a very wrong idea for decorating the walls of the men’s restroom. 

here's looking at you kid

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