Friday, December 11, 2015

thinkin and wishin

Holiday wishes?  
Does the 'everyone-else-is-getting-one' toy demands get to you?

I blame the marketing morons at those a-few-clowns-short-of-a-circus companies for creating this pressure in us to find the "perfect" gift.

Many decades ago (before the invention of the video game) I wanted a minibike so bad.  Even a go-kart would do.  Didn't happen.  Maybe it was a good thing after all because who knows I might have escalated to motorcycles, joined the Hell Angels and ? - whatever.
 Holiday wishes?
We all have some of those wishes. They change as we grow old.  Our wishes transform into more practical, thoughtful and less likely to poke-your-eye-out wishes. (well at least for those that mature normally) Our adult wishes are important but probably not as much FUN as our kid wishes.

As adults I wonder if we are wishin or just bitchin.

That wish for a big vacation, big flatscreen, is it really just a bitch about cabin fever or trying to keep up with neighbors?

This year I wish for more smiles on the faces I see and more smiles in the voices I hear.  (oh maybe more comments too)

But there's always something to wish for and/or bitch for.  Just try to keep the wishin and bitchin separated.

this little one now has her own little one

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