Thursday, August 13, 2015

do we need a fragment app

Not really, Friday Fragment posts can be just off-the-top-of-your-head stuff. If you have a dry idea don’t sweat it, just write it. No odor either. Click over to A Star In My Own Universe blog to find more FF postings.

Now this smartphone life is still new to me, so excuse me for still mentioning it. Of course, you may have missed my posts about flipping my old flip phone for a smartphone (interested? here’s the link).

now I'm snapping pics where I don't need to

Hey do you (those of you who are old enough to know ABBA) think this “voice message” on a text has gone full circle? I now have the technology to attach a voice message to a text. Why not just call and leave a voicemail instead?

Oh the texting I've missed. Today I was caught in the reply-all trap. Those handy (?) group texts most often default to reply-all replies. I replied with a few questions that really should have gone to just one person. A good rule for me is to check for questions. If my reply has them most likely it should be directed to just one person.

How many times have you needed to delete a post on FB left by a "friend" on your wall (do we still call it a wall?) ? If not very often, then you should friend my brother, you’ll see.

Oh BTW, I refuse to load FB on my smartphone. All my FB’ing is done via laptop or my wife tells what posts she has seen.

I do believe the one useful, must-have app is a navigation tool. I used Google maps and it worked great.

On a recent trip coming home, when we had about 4 hours to go. She-with-the-decisions decide to fit in a trip to her mom’s place. Google maps with the traffic loaded made it easier to pull off (not pull off the road but pull off the change in plans).

good colors for robot envy

Periodic table vs. Your kitchen table.

Everything you eat at the kitchen table is created (grown or made) from elements from the periodic table. Mostly hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. However the periodic table lacks any element called fat or sugar. Weight gain must not be very elementary. Hey I'm not chemist but I enjoyed a good mixer once.

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